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We create ambience with quality, comfort and elegance.

Earth or clay

These materials regulate levels of humidity inside the house, balance the air temperature, and absorb odors.
These are ecologically sound materials that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and promote health. They are used for rustic and smooth wall surfacing.


Lime has thermal properties and lends itself to the elegant decoration of space. It can be applied as paint and in the final stages of wall finishing (rustic, stucco, or smooth), or in a variety of forms.

Natural paints

We create paints made of different colors of earth and lime (applied by itself or with pigments), with the objective of creating a product that’s ecological and healthy.

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Earth- or lime- based finishing details, mixed with fibers, manure, sand, water, and/or a flour mixture.
Paint made of earth and lime with natural sealants.
Creating an ecological product of excellent quality.

We offer you:

  • Design

    We integrate your needs, tastes, and our experience in order to create an ideal space.

  • Consuming locally

    We always look to use materials that are found in the region in order to lessen the environmental impact caused by transporting materials from other areas.

  • Culture

    We are working to revive Oaxacan culture using the forms, colors, materials, and techniques from the region.

  • Surrounding landscape

    We avoid the destruction of the surrounding flora, working instead to integrate it into your project.

  • Furniture and accessories

    We design and create furniture and accessories that best fit your needs, preferences, and the space.

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